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HIPsters Who Hustle! :)

Why We Move

In some parts of the world, a diagnosis of end stage kidney disease is a death sentence. If you live in a poor country or a remote village, dialysis may not be available at all—and if it is, it might be too far away or too crowded and unable to take you. Can you imagine if you or someone you love were in this situation?

Bridge of Life works every day to do something about it. Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality health care.

Bridge of Life works to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease. They strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients, through training and education, to make lasting changes to health care.

Every mile we move during Move It with Purpose generates a dollar donation to Bridge of Life. Move with us and help Bridge of Life bring much-needed health care services to underserved communities around the world. Our team thanks you!
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56 Members

Our Move It Challenge


October 1 - 31

1000 MILES

3224.41 of 1000 miles goal completed

Team Member Goals

Name Activity Distance Goal
Kristy Sprayberry Walking, Hiking 185.20 of 175 miles completed
Billy Black Walking, Running 167.00 of 150 miles completed
Hallie Ellis 153.04 miles completed
Dilman Najman Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking 145.00 of 103 miles completed
Crystal Churn Walking, Hiking 137.10 of 130 miles completed
Roger Clapp Walking, Running 136.08 of 60 miles completed
Rebecca Vess Walking, Horseback Riding 134.10 of 100 miles completed
Marissa Smith Walking, Running, Biking 131.13 of 100 miles completed
Hailey Mock Walking, Biking 130.32 of 100 miles completed
Joseph Lyons Walking, Running, Biking 129.00 of 100 miles completed
Kristy Atwell Walking, Biking, Hiking, Work Out 102.20 of 100 miles completed
David Murrell Walking, Hiking, Practicing Drums 100.40 of 100 miles completed
Ashley Ellis Walking 89.00 of 100 miles completed
Bridget Lyons Walking, Biking 87.00 of 100 miles completed
Casey Cummings Walking 77.53 of 40 miles completed
Keri Duke Walking 75.70 of 25 miles completed
Sarah Franklin Walking 73.76 of 50 miles completed
Deb Fross Walking 73.00 of 70 miles completed
Detrich Futch Walking 70.44 of 50 miles completed
Ashley Smith Walking, Running 68.00 of 30 miles completed
Madison Leeper Walking 63.00 of 50 miles completed
Lori Oliver Walking 62.45 of 50 miles completed
David Winston Walking, Running 56.72 of 50 miles completed
Ladavia Harris Walking, Running, Jump Rope 56.00 of 50 miles completed
Jamie Winston Walking 53.17 of 50 miles completed
Kelsey Pinott Walking 53.00 of 50 miles completed
Mark Dershem Walking, Rowing Machine 46.57 of 50 miles completed
Tracy Ball Walking, Biking, Physical Therapy 45.50 of 10 miles completed
Tammy Wright Walking, YouTube Walk Videos 42.00 of 40 miles completed
Paige Wright 40.00 of 50 miles completed
Shaunethia Hall 40.00 miles completed
Chad Hull 35.00 miles completed
Candace Smith Walking 32.43 of 30 miles completed
Kimberly Matthews 31.00 miles completed
Amy Williams Walking 30.50 of 20 miles completed
Pam Dile Walking 28.00 of 25 miles completed
Lorina Mentessi 26.00 miles completed
Ashley Mahar Walking 25.29 of 25 miles completed
Cynthia Russell Walking 23.90 of 25 miles completed
Afrika Frazier Walking 19.36 of 20 miles completed
Tawnie Marable Walking 19.00 of 20 miles completed
Kristin Carr 17.00 miles completed
Destiny Dedmon Walking, Running 15.90 of 10 miles completed
Robin Gordy Walking 15.00 of 25 miles completed
Merna Melek 13.00 miles completed
Pamela Jones Walking 12.05 of 10 miles completed
Brenda Ikerd Wiggins Walking, Walking 11.00 of 10 miles completed
Robert West Walking 10.00 of 25 miles completed
Traci Schlather Walking 7.57 of 5 miles completed
Angel Wagner Walking 7.50 of 15 miles completed
Rob Sikorski Walking 6.00 of 2 miles completed
Michelle Edwards 5.50 of 25 miles completed
Emily Proctor Walking 4.50 of 3 miles completed
Jeff Hesson Walking 3.00 of 5 miles completed
Elke Huellen 1.50 miles completed
Alexandria Fikes 1.00 miles completed

About Move It With Purpose

When Bridge of Life was established in 2006, DaVita made a commitment to bring the Village together every year to help bring kidney care to underserved communities around the globe. Thanks to events such as Tour DaVita and Tour DaVita Move It, we’ve helped raise more than $14 million for Bridge of Live and in doing so, strengthened health care for thousands of adults and children across the world. That tradition continues this year with Move It with Purpose.

About Bridge Of Life

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent 501(c)(3) public charity founded by DaVita Inc., is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality healthcare. They strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to healthcare.

BOL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by DaVita Inc. (Tax ID Number: 46-2960097). The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.