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3196.17 of 5000 miles goal

48 Members

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Hello Bridge of LIfe Blazers Team! Thank you for registering and joining us for this year's Move It with Purpose! Our goal is to raise $1M to support Bridge of Life's work. We need your help to get there! 

Please click JOIN TEAM up at the top of this page if you haven't REGISTERED. 

Move It and log your miles! Remember, you can convert just about any activity to miles —and DaVita will donate $1 for every mile to Bridge of Life! This will help us reach our goal of raising $1 million a lot easier!

  1. LOGIN
  2. Go to “My Dashboard” and click on the orange banner that says “Log Your Move It activities here!”
  3. Follow the instructions on the page
  4. Your miles will show up on your individual and team page

You can also donate to Bridge of Life through the DONATE button! Let's get MOVING! Our Bridge of Life team thanks you! 

Team Members

48 Members

Our Move It Challenge


October 1 - 31

5000 MILES

3196.17 of 5000 miles goal completed

Team Member Goals

Name Activity Distance Goal
Roy Malkin Biking, Kayaking 720.30 of 500 miles completed
Cat Mccreadie Biking 270.00 of 240 miles completed
Shannon Carroll Biking 223.00 of 500 miles completed
Stacie Bell Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking 171.00 of 200 miles completed
Katie Chandler Running 154.00 of 150 miles completed
Carolyn Vaclavik Hiking 119.00 of 100 miles completed
Greta Walker Walking 107.00 of 100 miles completed
Amanda Genakos Walking, Biking, Hiking, Yoga 105.00 of 100 miles completed
Mark Zuleger Walking, Running 102.00 of 75 miles completed
Michael Wismann Tai Chi 90.00 of 50 miles completed
Stephen Seidel Running 88.00 of 80 miles completed
Wendy Johnson Running, Biking 86.00 of 50 miles completed
Steve Priest Walking 83.00 of 100 miles completed
Nora Kerr Walking 82.00 of 75 miles completed
Sally Burton Walking, Hiking 75.00 of 50 miles completed
Jaime Kobs Walking, Running, Biking 68.75 of 36 miles completed
Patricia Strakusek Walking, Running, Yard work 65.00 of 65 miles completed
Jen Barrientos Walking 60.30 of 3 miles completed
Chad Wrobel Biking 60.00 of 60 miles completed
Barb Chandler Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking 57.00 of 75 miles completed
Heidi Thayer Walking 54.00 of 50 miles completed
Alysa M Ochoa Black Walking, Hiking, Yoga 47.00 of 50 miles completed
Lee Dore 46.80 miles completed
Carol Cook Walking, Hiking 45.00 of 50 miles completed
Matt Ward Biking 42.00 of 200 miles completed
Barbara Kingsley Wilson Walking, Biking 40.00 of 100 miles completed
Jason Schneck Biking 37.00 of 200 miles completed
Lori Vaclavik Walking, Biking, Hiking 30.00 of 40 miles completed
Brittany Sigel Walking 28.00 miles completed
John Pinkett Running, Biking, Hiking 19.00 of 25 miles completed
Constance Growley Walking, Biking 5.00 of 10 miles completed
Beily Sapon Walking 3.70 of 2 miles completed
Mario Garcia Garcia Running 2.82 of 15 miles completed
Nancy Rivera Walking 2.30 of 3 miles completed
Ana Silvia Archila Walking, Running 2.00 of 3 miles completed
Viviana Rodas Walking 1.80 of 5 miles completed
Celeste Espel 1.50 of 5 miles completed
Paola Perez Running 1.00 of 3 miles completed
Hemodialisis Team Walking, Running, Biking 0.90 of 3 miles completed
Alex Horner Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking 0 of 100 miles completed
Connie Gibson 0 miles completed
Ines Lemus 0 miles completed
Jennifer Us Walking, Sentadillas, pesas 0 of 3 miles completed
Kaydee Snodgress 0 miles completed
Nick Hall 0 miles completed
Sean Black Walking, Biking 0 of 50 miles completed
Sindy Soveranis Walking 0 of 5 miles completed
Veronica Garcia 0 miles completed

About Move It With Purpose

When Bridge of Life was established in 2006, DaVita made a commitment to bring the Village together every year to help bring kidney care to underserved communities around the globe. Thanks to events such as Tour DaVita and Tour DaVita Move It, we’ve helped raise more than $14 million for Bridge of Live and in doing so, strengthened health care for thousands of adults and children across the world. That tradition continues this year with Move It with Purpose.

About Bridge Of Life

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent 501(c)(3) public charity founded by DaVita Inc., is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality healthcare. They strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to healthcare.

BOL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by DaVita Inc. (Tax ID Number: 46-2960097). The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.